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I'm your best choice for U.S. Congress. I'm John Wannamaker a husband who loves my wife (Brittney), a dad who loves my kids, a son who loves his parents, a relative who loves his family, a friend who is loyal to his friends, and a deacon who loves God. I’m a protector of the underdog, children, dreams, ideas and expectations. I want what you want, and I will debate, draft legislation, speak for, defend and protect what is dear to you and every family.

As a deacon, I’m a servant. I love people. I motivate people, sharpen people, incubate ideas and help people find their potential. As the Congressman for District 26, I will bring potential to our families, our businesses and our future.

Our district needs to be charismatic, pragmatic, electrifying, focused, tough, distinct, mesmerizing and appealing. Our district should be known in the halls of the U.S. Congress as progressive, not stoic, as leaders, not sidekicks, as republicans and democrats on the right side of American issues.

I’m running for Congress because I embody hope. I embody structure. I embody second chances. I embody first impressions. I embody leadership, family and servanthood. I’m the best choice to take the basics of what our district has to offer and take it nationwide. I, Wannamaker Difference, and I need your support.

Text "JOHNW" to 555888 now.


Women Equality

We have more news about women not being treated fairly and being taken advantage of. We need to prosecute these issues to the fullest extent possible. No one is exempt.



Gerrymandering is the true way to rig an election. We no longer need this drawing of maps in the hands of politicians, we need an independent group to draw the district lines based on population not by party affiliation.


America is about ...

Everyone has the right to be free. Everyone has the right to feel secure and to believe in equal rights. The LGBTQ community contains our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. They are not to be ostracized but to be embraced as people and not anything less.


Reform Prison

Private prisons need to be non-profit and the federal government does not need to contract with states for criminal justice. Let's make this industry transparent because many of these people are coming home.


Stop Attacking F...

The current administration bans visitors from some countries and spews hate towards certain groups. I want the removal of labels. This country is for anyone willing to come here legally.


The Healthcare Ba...

The Affordable Care Act aka Obama Care versus The Freedom Bill aka Trumpcare. What about sensible healthcare?


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  1. 25 nov

    Meet and Greet

    The Rice Bar, 5401 S Colony Blvd, The Colony
  2. 26 nov

    Meet and Greet

    Wasabi & Wok - 6360 N Josey Ln #101, The Colony


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  1. John Wannamaker Engaging Voters

    Groundswell: D26 Foru... 24 September 2017